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Pass Creek Outfitters will be supplying all necessary camping, packing, cooking supplies and food during your trip. Weather in Wyoming is very unpredictable during hunting season. Mountain temperatures can range from comfortably warm, dry and sunny to bitter cold and snowy. That also makes packing for your hunting trip a little more complicated. It's suggested that you pack accordingly and prepare for the worst case scenario. Layering clothes is practical and the best solution. Most importantly, pack to stay warm, dry and comfortable, while keeping packing to a minimum. If you have any questions about what to bring, or for our recommendations for rifle caliber and/or ammo, please contact us.

All personal gear (except for gun and sleeping bag) needs to fit into one 14 x 30 inch duffel bag and one backpack. The backpack and duffel bag will be on a pack horse during the ride in and out of Pass Creek. The combined weight of the duffel bag and backpack should not exceed 40 pounds! This weight does not include your sleeping bag and rifle. Your rifle will be packed on your riding horse, in a scabbard that I supply.

14 x 30 inch duffel bag
sleeping bag rated 0° or below, compact, not large bed rolls
two boxes of ammunition
hunting license/conservation stamp (you will purchase a stamp in Cody for $12.50)
two water bottles

flashlight with extra batteries
fire starter
camera with extra batteries (use lithium batteries in digital cameras)

two complete changes of clothes (layered for temperatures down to 0 degrees)
two pairs of long underwear bottoms and tops (polypropylene or similar)
two quality warm tops
several t-shirts
several pairs of gloves (one light pair, one heavy pair; wool or Gore-Tex works well)
warm coat (wool or Gore-Tex)
warm hat
eight or more pairs of quality socks
snow pants for later hunts
two pairs of Gore-tex boots or equivalent (or one pair can be pack boots)
rain gear or Gore-tex top and bottom
one garment of hunter orange (coat, vest, hat)
personal hygiene items

Jared Tervort - BG015
Phone: 801.319.2693

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